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A Message from Jim Dwyer

Dear Members and Friends,

We’re in a good state here at MPR | APM. Your loyalty and generosity have allowed us to remain a steadfast beacon as we operate and invest in the strength and growth of our marvelous public media resource. Over the last year, the team at MPR | APM brought you trusted and compelling reporting as well as superb classical and new music. All are now more crucial than ever.

During one of the most turbulent years in American history, we offered a steady and strong presence. The entire organization worked hard to bring you courageous and ethical reporting. We shared unbiased and informed reporting about COVID-19, quarantining and the deep divide caused by vaccines. We brought you balanced and up-to-the-minute election results and regional stories with national importance. We were able to be here for you because you were here for us.

Of course, our work involves so much more. We are learning to lean into our expanding communities to bring you their stories and experiences. We introduced you to new talent and fresh content across national and regional news, local programming, and classical music and new music. We share your commitment to values like public service and curiosity, and our focus on empowering our communities and celebrating our connections is unwavering. Your generous giving keeps us independent, allowing us to be for people, not for profit.

We’ve got other kinds of work to do as well, because we’ve not only reported the news, we’ve been in the news. We applaud those who spoke up with courage and conviction, who named the ways we could do better. It isn’t always easy to acknowledge how systems can serve some while negatively impacting others, but we listened—and we recommitted to living up to our values of acting with integrity, acknowledging and correcting our mistakes, and making changes. We want what you want: positive participation for all—our audiences, employees and communities.

As any grammar nerds out there will know, work is not only a noun, it’s an active verb, and here at MPR, we take our verbs seriously. We are committed to good and strong verbs like listen, create, support, nourish, connect, provoke, change, serve and celebrate, just to name a few. And what better place than an annual report to celebrate you, our generous listeners, who make our work possible. Your commitment has left us in a strong position to continue our critical work.

The same can be said of the legacy of Jon McTaggart, whose 14 years of leadership left us in such a vibrant place. His vision and intelligence built a strong foundation that allows us to serve you, the people and our communities.

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Jim Dwyer MPR | APM Board Chair

When Jon retired in late summer, we were delighted that Jean Taylor joined us as our new president and CEO of American Public Media Group. Jean’s deep commitment to our public service mission, our organization, our team members and our donors makes her the perfect leader as we continue to grow the ways we serve the public. We are in good hands.

Thanks to you, we are in a good state here at MPR | APM. Your unflagging generosity in tempestuous times gives us the foundation to remain a strong and steady beacon in this mercurial world.

We can’t wait to continue our work together as we move creatively and positively into our shared and vibrant future.

Our mission is to enrich the mind and nourish the spirit, thereby enhancing the lives and expanding the perspectives of our audiences, and assisting them in strengthening their communities.

Goodbye to Jon McTaggart, Hello to Jean Taylor

Your support is making a difference.

Over 17 million weekly listeners to
national programming
from APM
Nearly 1 million weekly FM radio
listeners regionally
4.5 million monthly website visitors
across MPR | APM
165,304 contributing members
29 emerging leaders
supported as
Interns and Fellows
1,265 household members
of the Legacy Society
$229M in our endowment
18 journalism awards

Your Impact

In another year marked by historic challenges and uncertainties, your support has allowed MPR | APM to remain a reliable beacon. Here at MPR | APM, we not only deliver meaningful and trusted content, but we also expertly navigate civil dialogue on issues like equity, justice and how we can all move toward a healthier tomorrow. Your generosity enables us to spotlight the arts that nourish our souls, and your gifts mean we can offer smart and provocative listening for local and national listeners of all ages and backgrounds. Wild changes and opportunities are sure to loom large, but don’t worry. We have decades of experience reporting fairly on what’s happening, and we have a crew of determined and faithful donors like you. Look to MPR | APM for what’s ahead, and thank you for helping us get there.

Your support

funds trusted news and information to help you make sense of the world around you.

Your gifts

create space for the vital conversations that citizens should be having … together.

Your generosity

connects you to a thriving creative community of familiar voices and adventurous new artists.

You made this possible. You made sure we could continue to enrich the mind and nourish the spirit. Your willingness to step up and give has enhanced the lives and perspectives of our audiences. Your investment strengthens our communities.


MPR | APM has received more than 1,000 journalism awards and has been recognized for our outstanding music programming and national on-demand content. None of this would be possible without your support! Here are a few that we’re especially proud of.
Click on the links to listen again to the award-winning stories.

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In the Dark: Season Two
  • 2020 Peabody Award for Podcast/Radio
  • 2020 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award
  • 2020 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for Radio
image description

2021 Edward R. Murrow Award for
MPR News Newscast on May 29, 2020

2021 Edward R. Murrow Award in Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Network Radio level: Black at Mizzou

National Headliner Awards

2021 National Headliner Award for Radio—Breaking News/Continuing Coverage, MPR News: “Continuing coverage of George Floyd killing, aftermath”

EWA - Education Writers

2021 Education Writers Association, National Award for Education Reporting in Audio Storytelling (Smaller Newsroom): Black at Mizzou

2021 Society for Professional
Journalists Page One Awards:
2021 MBJA Eric Sevareid Awards:
I own a mental health care facility in Rochester, and I really
appreciate all of the reporting you do on social justice and
mental health, especially during COVID-19.
Dale, Rochester, MN
image description
Activists and journalists, including MPR News’ Dan Kraker, at an Enbridge Line 3 pump station.


You have been here for us this year, so we can be here for you. We can continue to inform, inspire, serve, and create content and experiences that exceed expectations. With your support, we remain committed to doing the right thing, to leaning into our growing edges, so that we can all do the work for the greater good. The state we are in might be ever shifting, but with your generous gifts, we are ready to be a positive force in conversations that matter.

Thank You

I think of myself as a distribution
vehicle to get all of this great work
you are doing into classrooms
across the country.
Tim Ranzetta
Donor story Tim
My favorite Brains On! episode is the
one on sharks. Sharks have soft,
squishy skin, so their teeth are the
only defense they have.
Elliot Ruhlman
Donor story Elliot
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2021 Donor Quotations

Classical MPR provides roughly 50% of the programming to my local classical music radio station … which covers the Albany, New York, tri-city area. Your local listeners perhaps wouldn’t imagine you’d be servicing such a wide area outside Minneapolis/St. Paul? I enjoy your presenters and the varieties of classical music you offer to us all. Thank you! Edward, Loudonville, NY
We are members but live in Denver and wanted to reach out to say THANKS for Saturday Cinema. We listen every Saturday morning when we are home getting ready for our weekend and just LOVE the program. We often call our friends in MSP to remind them to turn it on!! Kristen, Denver, CO
The Current is my alarm every morning, the only thing I will play at work and the only radio station allowed in my car. Thank you for introducing me to a whole new world of music and always being there! Addie, St. Paul, MN
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2021 Donor Quotations

brains on!
I have four kids. Getting through the pandemic lockdown was perhaps the most difficult experience of my life. Your show is so good, so delightful and interesting. It may have saved us. It’s hard to explain how valuable it is to my family. Ted, Seattle, WA
the splendid table
I absolutely love your show. I often listen to it while I’m walking. It is so enjoyable, entertaining and informative. I have gotten great tips and it’s made me a better cook. I’m a monthly subscriber, but I want to give this extra gift to say, ‘thank you, Frances, staff and guests!’ Keep up the good work! Love it! Love it! Mattea, Thousand Oaks, CA
it the dark
In today’s world, facts and truth are more important than ever before. Unfortunately, there are still so many murky cases and stories out there that need to be told and clarified. [The] In the Dark podcast is investigative journalism at its best; every episode is balanced, non-biased and sticks to the facts. That’s important! Mathijs, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Too Beautiful To Live
I don’t make very much money, but I increased my donation because I think that TBTL and the 10s community almost literally saved my life. This podcast is so comforting to me; in the best of times and the blurst of times, it’s all I want to listen to. Morgaine, Madison, WI
Absolutely the most enlightening, enlivening, inspiring, empathetic, en-smart-en-ing show that helps me make sense of the chaos, focus on the positive, learn stuff and drinks! Thanks, guys; keep it up! Christopher, New York, NY
your classical
Classical music has been playing in the background of my life since I can remember, during baby play dates, dinner with friends and family, while decorating for the holidays and even while cleaning! I only wish I had more to contribute but no matter what amount, it wouldn’t equal the joy you’ve brought to me! Julia, Midlothian, VA
I give because 90% of my daily radio listening is to one of MPR’s radio stations. Wonderful programs, balanced news, great hosts and wonderful music. I just love you all—I consider you friends! Lois, Brooklyn Park, MN
image description
Vaccine clinic for kids.


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Minnesota Public Radio

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) is one of the nation’s premier public media organizations, producing programming for radio, digital and live audiences. With its three core services—MPR News, YourClassical MPR and The Current®—MPR operates a 46-station radio network serving nearly all of Minnesota and parts of surrounding states, reaching 1 million radio listeners each week.
A complete list of stations, programs, podcasts and additional services can be found here.

  • News
  • The Current
  • YourClassical MPR
VIEW HD Radio Offerings

American Public Media

American Public Media (APM), MPR’s national programming division, is a producer and distributor of award-winning radio programming and podcasts. APM is the largest producer and distributor of classical music programming in the country and the nation’s largest station-based producer of public radio programming. APM programs reach 20 million listeners nationwide each week on approximately 1,000 radio stations, and its suite of podcasts delivers over 17.5 million downloads every month. The diverse portfolio of broadcast and on-demand programming is listed here.

image description
APM has approximately 1,000 station affiliates covering all 50 states (including FM, AM and HD channels)
  • Indicates approximate distribution of MPR and APM programming
  • St. Paul, MinnesotaAmerican Public Media and Minnesota Public Radio headquarters
  • Greater Minnesota (Rochester, Collegeville, Bemidji, Moorhead, Worthington and Duluth) MPR News bureaus
  • Los Angeles, California Marketplace headquarters
  • Pasadena, California KPCC Southern California Public Radio™ headquarters (a part of APMG)
  • New York City,
    New York
    Studio/bureau location for Marketplace, The Splendid Table, Live from Here, Performance Today
  • Washington, D.C. Marketplace bureau location
  • London, UK Headquarters for BBC—an APM distribution partnership; Marketplace bureau location
  • Shanghai, China (not shown on map) Marketplace bureau location
Map is intended as a representation of APM programming reach, not of exact station locations.
Thank you, MPR! Who’s sustaining who here? As sustaining members, we’re giving a little extra today to support a resource that’s carried us through—not only the last year (all of its struggles and triumphs included)—but each day! Learning about great music and accessing up-to-date and fact-based news keeps us going. Angie, Minneapolis, MN
image description
The Black and Asian Solidarity Rally at George Floyd Square.


Minnesota Public Radio | American Public Media Board of Trustees

Jim Dwyer Chair
Mary Brainerd Vice Chair
Rick King Second Vice Chair
Jean Taylor President
Sima Griffith Secretary
Dr. Larry Berger Treasurer
  • Vivek Agrawal
  • Jeannine Befidi
  • Wendy Bennett
  • Dr. Larry Berger
  • Mary Brainerd
  • Julie Causey
  • Jim Dwyer
  • Ivan Fong
  • Sid Gandhi
  • Sima Griffith
  • Shawntera Hardy
  • Kandace Heck
  • Libby Hlavka
  • Kenneth Holmen, M.D.
  • Rick King
  • Jonathan Low
  • Nancy Lyons
  • Drew Murphy
  • Mike Palmer
  • Bryan Phillips
  • Nii-Ayite Quaye
  • Patricia S. Simmons, M.D.
  • Jean Taylor
  • Mandy Tuong
Active Life Trustees
  • Susan Boren King
  • Ian Friendly
  • Randall J. Hogan
  • Addison (Tad) Piper
  • Steven M. Rothschild
Honorary Life Trustees
  • William Pearce
  • Joanne Von Blon
  • William H. Kling


Duchesne Drew President
Minnesota Public Radio
Morris Goodwin Senior Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer
Chandra Kavati Senior Vice President, Chief Partnerships & Revenue Officer
Nick Kereakos Senior Vice President &
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Lewis Senior Vice President,
General Counsel & Chief Corporate Development Officer for American Public Media Group
Liwanag Ojala Senior Vice President & Chief Transformation Officer
Christine Phelps Senior Vice President &
Chief Human Resources Officer
Mike Reszler Senior Vice President &
Chief Strategy Officer
Heather Riddle Senior Vice President &
Chief Development Officer
Carmen Rodriguez Johnson Senior Vice President,
Audience Development &
Chief Marketing Officer
Herb Scannell President
Jean Taylor President & CEO
American Public Media Group

Goodbye to Jon McTaggart, Hello to Jean Taylor

image description A rare photo of all three APMG CEOs: Jean Taylor, Jon McTaggart and Bill Kling.

As many of us know, transitions are rarely easy. The great state of our organization speaks volumes about the strong leadership skills of Jon McTaggart, and they put his successor, Jean Taylor, in an excellent position to lead the organization into the future.

Jon McTaggart was only the second CEO of APMG and started with the company in 1983. He was appointed in 2011 to succeed Bill Kling, who founded MPR 44 years earlier. In his tenure, Jon led the organization through many challenging times. He ended his time with the wildly successful Inspired by You campaign. The ambitious goal had been to raise $75 million. Under Jon’s leadership, the campaign ended up raising more than $98 million, putting the organization in a great position for the next CEO.

When Jon announced his plans to retire, a search committee appointed by the board led a rigorous national search. They knew they needed a strategic and passionate leader who was not only committed to public media but also to diversity, inclusion, equity and justice. Jean Taylor, an experienced CEO who has led organizations through transformational change, was the perfect choice to drive growth and create a strong, inclusive culture.

In her new position, Jean Taylor is excited to deliver quality journalism in innovative and meaningful ways, connect with new audiences and more intentionally serve diverse communities. Her exceptional combination of being a visionary leader and a person who cares and listens deeply will allow MPR | APM to be a bright light for years to come.

MPR keeps giving, so why shouldn’t I? Mitchell, Stillwater, MN
image description
Deb Topping of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa protests the planned Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project.


Year-End Operating Results and Audited Financial Statements

Minnesota Public Radio | American Public Media is financially healthy, finishing fiscal year 2021 with $103 million in Total Operating Support and Earned Revenue. Diversified revenue streams help keep MPR | APM financially strong and your continued support is especially important in enabling us to fulfill our essential public service mission. Complete audited financial statements for fiscal year 2021 and other financial information can be found at

Total Operating Revenue
image description
image description


MPR | APM is the fortunate beneficiary of several endowment funds. As of June 30, 2021, our endowments were valued at $229 million, including $42 million from estates, individual donors and other community gifts. Gifts earmarked for endowment are critically important for organizational strength and sustainability.

Accountability — Top Rating

MPR | APM maintains the highest standards for nonprofit accountability and transparency. We have earned the highest “four-star” rating from Charity Navigator and received the Charities Review Council’s seal for meeting accountability standards that include public disclosure, governance, financial activity and fundraising.

  • image description
  • image description
image description

When Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) and American Public Media (APM) launched the Inspired by You campaign in 2015, we hoped to raise $75 million to transform our public service for the benefit of rapidly changing audiences in Minnesota and around the world. It was an incredibly ambitious goal, but our campaign donors demonstrated their belief in the potential and power of public media, giving and pledging more than $98 million during this campaign. The generosity of donors like you puts us in a great state. Thank you!

If you want to find out more or revisit your favorite moments from this campaign, please visit:

image description

Visit the Gratitude website

Thank you

for supporting MPR | APM. Your generosity gives us the chance to continue our work
together as we move creatively and positively into our shared and vibrant future.

View previous annual reports:

PHOTO CREDITS In order of appearance: Derek Montgomery, Xee Reiter, Christine T. Nguyen, Evan Frost, Evan Frost, NGPF, Rachel Marston, Evan Frost,
Evan Frost, Amy Hyatt, Dan Kraker, Xee Reiter, MPR, Elizabeth Shockman, Evan Frost, MPR News, MPR | AMP, Evan Frost